A different kind of week

The sun was shining when I woke up this morning – a nice change. Usually I go to work and it’s dark and when I get off work it’s dark again. The few precious hours of daylight are spent indoors in an office.
In other words, working the evening shift has its advantages. Another one is getting to have breakfast in the morning (well, my morning is more like lunch-time, but I’m having breakfast anyway).

I haven’t written much here lately, but I have been writing. The morning pages exercises sometimes bring out about the same stuff that I otherwise would put on this page, but I’m not supposed to share that writing (all according to Cameron’s view of the artistic healing process, which atleast is worth a shot) so I seldom do it double. Today I haven’t done my morning pages yet, and am thinking about letting this writing be it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post this month, I can’t wait for November to be over. It’s the worst month of the year, only competing with the cold cold winter months of February and March, but winning because of the darkness. In the winter atleast you have the snow on the ground lighting things up a little.

Today I’ve reported my electricity meter reading to the electricity company. My next bill will be dead expensive, since the reading is 7000 kWh more than the estimate. I’ll be a pauper in time for xmas. :-(


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