Awake. Wide awake.

It’s criminally early. I left home at around the time I’ve been going to bed the past few nights. K was a darling and gave me a ride to Centralen where the bus to Skavsta departed at 03.45.
I meant to go to bed early in order to get atleast a few hours’ sleep, but didn’t get ready until 23, and then couldn’t sleep. When I’d finally dozed off Minor started meowing and then I was wide awake again. I turned over and over for maybe an hour, then gave up and went up. It was 02.12. No point in going back to bed. Instead I made toast and petted the cats for a while.
Now I’ve totally given up sleeping, since I didn’t manage to catch any sleep on the bus either. New tactics. Lots of coffee and staying awake until tonight. Unless of course I fall asleep on the plane – then I’m screwed.

I was among the very first people to check in, and entered the terminal first of all. A funny feeling buying a bottle of glögg (mulled wine – for D’s friend Mark) as the first customer of the day.


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