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The internet community is wild with Orkut frenzy. Probably it’s because it’s a Google project – otherwise it’s pretty much like any online community. Much of the hype lies in that you can access it by invitation only, but as the number of members goes up, it becomes less exclusive. Great PR work, though.

I like Google, and the way their minds work, though. Apparently their developers get to take 10 percent of their time and devote it to independent projects, developing what they feel like, for fun or personal development. Orkut is the result of one of those side projects, by Google developer Orkut Buyukkokten.

It’s a new month and I’ve manage to finish all of my Creative Tasks but one. Click the link for the results.
I’m especially pleased with my gray cap which I made out of a pair of pants and the lining of an old skirt.

Check out the Rome photos

I guess I should mention a few things about the trip to Rome. It was a crazy idea: Ryanair had this great deal out – a return trip to Rome for only SEK 46, taxes included and everything. How can you not go? :-)
I phoned Marina and asked her if she wanted to come. She didn’t. Then I mentioned the price. She did.
We ended up being four when Gitta and Paula joined us. The funny thing was that the trip was only two days – early Tuesday to early Thursday.
By early I mean early. We started out from Stockholm at 4am, taking a wrong turn and got quite nervous about not making it to Skavsta in time, planning for alternative action – hide out at Marina’s for two days. Who can admit missing the plane?

The days were spent sight-seeing, shopping, strolling around, eating delicious food at cozy restaurant, trying different kinds of Italian ice-cream and coffee, drinking good wine, meeting nice people. One such person was Paola, a Swede who’s been living in Rome for 20 years. It turned out that she had a room for rent to tourists, so she and Marina are making a deal for Tjejringen.
At another restaurant we ran into a half-swede telling us “jag förstår lite svenska”. Weird. Well, atleast she could tell us what bombolotti is (it’s a short and wide tube-shaped pasta – Marina has the drawing).

I bought 14 bras. It’s the only line of action when they fit well and they’re a euro a piece. Also quite a lot of other clothes, a couple of beach towels, all in all not more than 800 SEK. Whoever said Rome was expensive hasn’t been there for the January sales.

I had great fun. We’re a crazy crowd, which is good for travelling. The hotel was by the way the same one that me, P and D stayed at some three years back – all on the 5th floor with a slow antique elevator, which is also a part of the experience.


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