Baby boom?

Is it just me, or do we have a new baby boom? People all around me, in all sorts of constellations of friends, and at work, are either pregnant or have recently given birth.
Or is it perhaps an age thing? I’m getting close to 30 and my peers have realized this is the time to become moms and pops?
Either way, it’s scary. Where will all my friends go for the upcoming ten to twenty years? Will they disappear into family life, picking up kids at daycare, worrying about upbringing, school issues, diapers? That’s not a very appealing thought when you feel you’re far from ready to have kids of your own (if that will ever happen).
But there they are, all around, pouting their big tummies and getting new perspectives on life, becoming more calm and insightful. And here I am, the same old me. Almost. I know I’ve changed too over the past few years. And who knows, perhaps the day will come when I become just like them.

Orkut probably didn’t expect the huge amount of new users it’s been getting over the past few days. Last night the server was down, and today it’s been shaky. The email invitations don’t reach the receivers. Pity. I hope they work on improvements pretty fast or people will leave.
One of the forums I joined on Orkut is Creative juices. It’s for people who like to come up with (sometimes crazy) ideas. Some of the posts are interesting, like this one guy who proposed that we use the moon as a practice target for nuking away meteors and other space object that threaten to collide with the earth and destroy it. So.. we should blow up the moon and learn from it… Ehh…


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