Excursion to Nynäshamn and Muskö

K and I have been joking about going to Nynäshamn for ages, going home on Nynäsvägen. “Wanna go to Nynäshamn?” is the repeated question. I always say no. It’s a 45 minute drive.
Today we went. It was -3 degrees Celsius and snowing lightly, the sun breaking through the clouds from time to time.
When we reached Nynäs we were both rather hungry, so after having strolled around a bit – K buying three books at Bokcompaniet – we found a cosy cafe where we had sandwiches and I had hot chocolate with whipped cream. I haven’t had that in a long time, and it was delicious. The lady working there was kind enough to give me a refill. Nice gesture.

We went down to the harbour, where it was rather windy, and after a while we got really cold. Time for another coffe, at a place called Snäckan.

Then we headed out to Muskö. There’s a 3 kilometer tunnel under water to get there. A bit scary.
It’s probably very beautiful out there in the summer. Now too, but very cold.

Some more pics from today’s excursion

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
Kalle from Skarpnack writes:
Jag har aldrig skojat om att aka till Nynashamn. Daremot ar Farsta Brandstation inte sa allvarligt menat.
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-3-14 11:11

Lotta from Skarpnack writes:
…men gud nåde den som driver med Högdalenverket!
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-3-14 11:19

KL from Norrland writes:
Vad ar det mot Vitberget!
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-3-14 15:44

Kalle from Skarpnack writes:
Vad ar Vitberget?
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-3-14 21:37

Kalle from Skarpnäck writes:
Vad ar Vitberget?
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-3-14 23:20

lilian from USA writes:
T would like you to, please, come back now…. tack
M-o-m: 8 – 2005-3-21 16:45


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