Criminals taking time off

Hooray! I’m off for seven days! Time to sleep, enjoy life, clean the apartment and meet people.

The Olympics are on. To the great joy of so many people… but being more or less forced to watch events that you care zilch about isn’t fun. Even if I must admit that my colleagues’ enthusiasm for the cycle race rubbed off just a bit.
What’s more is that the criminals seem to have taken time off to watch the olympics too. The last few evenings have been extremely eventless. Nothing happens. Nothing. Any normal person would be thrilled, I suppose – no robbery, no murder, no rape – but, well, after a few years in the news business you start to get cynical about those things. “I need a good headline for the site!”

Last minute travel deals have gone down in price again. Unfortunately we booked our trip to Greece when it was SEK 1000 more than it is now. That always bugs me.

Fredrike asked me to update the list of links to other blogs/diaries on this page. Going through it, I can understand why. Since I use the blog collections for surfing other blogs these days, I haven’t checked it out in quite a while. It was completely outdated.
Now I’ve put just a few links at the bottom of this page – to the blog collections, blogs I read regularly and blogs I’m trying out.

There’s a new (or, I just found out about it) Swedish blog collection called Var är du? (where are you?) that lists Swedish blogs according to location. Pretty neat.


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