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Carpe diem

I woke up early after a night of light sleep. So I’m tired, but in a way it’s good. If you work the evening shift there’s a risk all you do is work and sleep. This way I got three hours before having to go to work.
Yesterday was the first day of the shift. It’s always easier on those days – I got up at 10 and spent a few hours at the allotment. A hot and sunny day, I got to work feeling quite relaxed.
Today it’s cloudy. I thought of going into town, but I don’t have any money. Yesterday I bought a Louis Poulsen PH 5 lamp for my last money. Crazy, I know… but I couldn’t resist it when I got a good deal. Cervera at Globen are closing, and they’re selling everything at half price.

The day before yesterday I bathed outdoors for the first time this year. I took the bus to Flatenbadet (only 7 minutes from here!) where I sunbathed, got into the water for a little while, sunbathed some more while reading “Ett öga rött”, then bought an icecream and decided to go for a walk home.
I’m trying hard to do good things, meaning things that make me happy, or used to make me happy. For the past couple of weeks I’ve seen signs making me think of when I was depressed, and it scares me.
For one thing, nothing really interests me. I don’t feel like doing anything. All my projects are half-finished, and they don’t seem like fun anymore.
Hopefully it’s just a phase brought on by too much shift work. Atleast when these five days are done I have a whole week – seven days – off. Looking forward to that.


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