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Things to do when you're home with a cold

Some of the garments I’m selling at Tradera. More here. (sorry for the shameless advertising here)
  • Sleep for eight hours – in the daytime
  • Take photos of clothes and put ads on Tradera to sell them
  • Shop waaay too much at Tradera
  • Shop some at eBay too
  • Drink lots and lots of tea
  • Watching telly and surfing in bed – how I love the wireless network!
  • Sleep some more
  • Take american cold&flu pills and get shocked by how fast they work
  • Vacuum clean the apartment
  • Forget to eat
  • Take 3 big boxes with linnen and towels out to the storage room
  • Empty the cat litter box
  • Take a looong bath with lots of water – I nearly caused a flood
  • Listen to Butterfly Boucher over and over again
  • Plan xmas presents
  • Have lots of small citrus fruits
  • Decide to go to the cabaret tonight after all. With a little help of my red pills.
  • Listen to MRadio
  • Archived comments from my old publishing system:
    Fredrike from Stockholm writes:
    God in heaven, woman, why do sell these clothes?! If I wasn’’t about triple your size, I’’d buy them in a heartbeat. Except maybe for the Playboy-top, I don’’t like them. But the others are fab, especially the denim top. Oooh. Someone cool me down. :-)
    M-o-m: 5 – 2004-11-5 19:22

    Lotta from Stockholm writes:
    :-) Well, some of them, like the denim top, I’’ve tried to squeeze into, but there comes a time when you have to realize you just ain’’t size Small, and never has been. I bought it too small, since that was the only size left in the shop, hoping I’’d lose weight… but, well, those ambitions never work.
    M-o-m: 7 – 2004-11-6 2:34

    Lotta from Stockholm writes:
    …and as for the white one, on the other hand, is too big. :-/ The cape I liked a lot and still like, but I never seem to get an opportunity to wear it.
    M-o-m: 7 – 2004-11-6 2:34


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