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The little things Bad

Seems like this is another one of those days when I walk around in a state of mild discontent.
I still have a cold, which I’m not taking care of – going to Kryptan for drinks yesterday seemed like a good idea at the time, but coming home with a fever wasn’t very smart. Today I feel the cold going deeper down in my bronchi.
I shop too much, spend money I don’t have. K knows me so well and points out to me that it’s a sign that I’m displeased with something, which brings me to the next item on this list…
I still haven’t got my apartment sold. It was bad timing having it on display the same day the Söderleden tunnel was opened. Either people went to the opening or they didn’t want to go south of the city because of the traffic jam. Hopefully this upcoming Sunday will prove better.
I can’t write. No words enter my mind, none make their way to the tip of my pen. I not only lack inspiration, but also lack the energy to place myself in situations where I’m likely to be inspired.
I have to work at the newsdesk 7-15 tomorrow. Another dislike.
Autumn’s bloody awful. Yes I know, I know, I was supposed to look on the bright side. But let’s face it, November is God’s big mistake. It should be voted off the almanac.
…and there I was interrupted, K coming home with flowers. :-) At once I feel better. So, an end to this complaining.
One more thing on the bright side: The stuff I’ve bought on Tradera has started to arrive. I picked up three deliveries today, nine great garments.


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