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Life goes on

A quite okay week. I’ve kept busy.
Monday, me, Marina, Anders and Mattias P went to a live radio recording of “Clownen luktar bensin”. A lot of fun. I hade never heard of them before, so it was a nice surprise.
Afterwards me and Marina bought a couple of beers and went to her stayover apartment, where we talked a lot of girltalk, drank beer and watched tv. A nice evening that got late, so I slept on the couch.

Next day I went straight to work, where I continued to think about ideas for the it section. Got some input from other people, and it looks like there might be a future for it after all.
Had dinner at mother’s. Then we started watching tv and I was too tired to go home, so I slept on her couch. Went home for a long missed shower in the morning.

Wednesday was a day filled of theatre, or rather, it was supposed to be. Lunch theatre at Berns and then a musical at Stadsteatern in the evening – Pearl Harbour. The lunch theatre was good, the soup so and so.
Afterwards I ran some errands, then went to Hubben where I had some tea with Marina and borrowed Magnus’ computer for a while. Then we had a dinner sandwich at Vetekatten. And then on to Stadsteatern, though we didn’t arrive until a few minutes before the musical was to start. And – we didn’t get the tickets! We were supposed to have been there 30 minutes ahead. Only, nobody had told us. Irritating. So, we just went home.

Thursday I had the first part of the broadband connection installed in my apartment! So great. But it will take some time before it’s up and running.
Then I went to the post office to get the records I had ordered from Ginza. Two of Winnerbäck’s old cds, among others.
Then in to town with mother, having lunch at McDonald’s and coffee in Kungsträdgården, enjoying one of the first days of spring.

Yesterday was Petra’s birthday, and she had invited a small bunch of her friends to dinner at Rosmarin. Good food and nice company. Afterwards we all went to Lokal, which was crowded but I was lucky to get a seat in one of the sofas, so I spent most of the evening there.
Walked back across half the town with Mattias, who had brought his bicycle but didn’t quite feel up to riding it. :-)

A busy week. But… still something’s missing. A sense of direction and someone to share all this with.


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