The moaning man and my aching feet

At first I thought the man in the bunk bed below mine was giving himself pleasure, but it turned out he had his cd walkman on and that he was simply humming along with the music.
He’s a French guy who insisted I move my stuff from the bed I had put them on, since it didn’t have the number I had been assigned. Kinda hard to know when they had hidden the numbers on the back sides of the beds.
Sometimes he whispers a few words of the lyrics as well.
Much louder than that is the sound of traffic from the road outside. I forgot to bring earplugs so I went to Safeways and got some earlier, when I met A. at Edgeware Rd.
My feet ache from all the walking, as always on London weekends. Despite starting out from Sofie’s at 7 I didn’t reach Portobello Rd until around 13.
It felt strange travelling to London with only hand-luggage – I could just walk out of the plane, through the passport contol and customs, and I was all set. Unfortunately, I had just missed a Stansted Express train, so I still had to wait for 25 minutes, and all the other Swedes caught up with me.

Portobello was a big disappointment. I had hoped to find the cool handbags that Marina had bought when she was here a couple of months ago, but I didn’t find any – only similar ones that cost five times as much.
Carrying the backpack around got heavy after a while, so before going to Camden I went to the hostel to check in.
With a much lighter heart and a lighter weight on my back, Camden was a lot more fun. There are Emily the Strange and Nightmare before Xmas handbags everywhere. I didn’t buy one, but I probably will tomorrow.
Instead today’s shopping consisted of: a pair of curtains, a scarf, a magazine, a sweater, a couple of flapjacks, xmas stickers and a shower gel.


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