Pre-xmas trip

Together with one other girl I was the only passenger on the airport coach from Stockholm Central to Arlanda. They can’t be making money. No wonder there are few passengers when the tickets cost SEK 89 one way, compared to only SEK 60 only a few years ago.
You can travel two for SEK 200 on the new, much faster train to the airport, and of course most people prefer that.
Me, I’m travelling on my own. First to Gothenburg to visit Sofie and then on to London for some xmas shopping.

The past few days have been pretty tiring. I’ve been working the evening shift for five days (and nobody had of course mentioned the switch from Quark to Indesign for the Editorial and Debate sections, which the evening editor has to prepare for online publication for the next day. Chaos. But it worked out in the end.)
K got ill in what probably is the winter vomiting disease, and has been home for a few days. As much as I’ve wanted to be close to him and cheer him up, I have been scared to catch it myself just in time for my trip. So I’ve slept in the upstairs guest room (my room) for a few nights. It’s difficult to sleep when your loved one’s so close, yet not there. I’ve become so accustomed to living together.
Knock on wood, but I don’t think I’ve caught the disease.

Yesterday Marina finally got her birthday present from last year, and we all went to see R.E.A. at Hamburger Börs. The show was absolutely brilliant, but the food and drink was way over-priced. Another annoying thing was that you got to pay for the wardrobe when you collect your coats after the show, so we had to wait in line for that a long time. I wasn’t home until half past midnight.


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