Ditching fMoblog – going for Flickr

If you’re a returning visitor to my blog you might notice that something is different. Yes, I’ve ditched my old moblog solution – a wordpress plugin called fMoblog. It isn’t compatible with the latest wordpress upgrade and I don’t have the patience to wait for a new release.
Instead I’ve decided to start using Flickr. The free version has very strict limits though, so now I’m a pro member, and it looks like it’s worth it even if I think the 2GB monthly limit of uploads is a bit low.
I’ve included a Flickr badge in the right column which shows the latest photos I’ve uploaded. And – of course – I can also moblog to Flickr, which was a requirement I had when choosing a service.

If you are a flickr user and a friend of mine, you can add me to your friends list and get to see all the pics. Some are available only to friends and family. My flickr name is skrivanet.


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