Commanding spring

Mom and I went to the allotment yesterday, bringing sandwiches and making tea and pretending it’s spring. We’ve had a couple of nice sunny days, and the ice and snow is starting to melt.
But our allotment is very much in the shade, and spring comes late. Allmost all of it’s still covered in snow. We did see some spring flowers shooting up through the ground close to one of the apple trees though.
Indoors it was 11 degrees, and with our jackets on it was quite okay. We found some chai from last fall which we brewed and used the summery cups and trays – strawberries, guava and grapes. Outside the sun was shining and melting the ice in the barrel where the water from the roof was dripping constantly.
In a few weeks from now it will all have melted away, and we’ll be able to start shaping the garden for summer. I have already some jiffy-pots with pelargonies in my window. 16 out of 18 have come up.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
Stora Norrland writes:
Skicka upp nagra mackor ar du snall!!
M-o-m: 10 – 2005-3-26 21:59


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