SIME 2006 – Wednesday afternoon

SIME 2006: Eric Hadley, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions talks to Ola Ahlvarsson
Eric Hadley, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions talks to Ola Ahlvarsson.

SIME 2006: Kurt Sillén, VP Ericsson Mobility World
Kurt Sillén, VP Ericsson Mobility World, danced on stage to music from his cellphone. He also exclaimed ”Pimp everything I have!” when asked what he thought of the personalization trend when it comes to cellphones.

SIME 2006: Ulf Ekberg
Ulf Ekbert of Ace of Base participated in the ”European stars” panel.

SIME 2006: ”The big guns”
The ”big guns” – Google’s Philip Schindler, Svenska spel’s Jesper Kärrbrink, Mediacom’s Joe Wilson and a guy from Unilever whose name I unfortunately forgot since he replaced the intended speaker.
Four good looking men. On the whole, lots and lots of men, which makes you wonder… could they not find more capable and intersting women, or did they simply not try. Or – even worse – did the women decline to participate?

SIME 2006: The panel for the ”What the hell is a media company in 2010?” discussion
Annie Wegelius, a late addition to the media company panel, joked about being added to the panel because she’s a woman. Be that as it may, she was a great addition, and received some of the day’s biggest applause.

SIME 2006: Coffee break
Coffee break.

What was announced as “live blogging” after the last speaker turned out to be bar discussions on certain topics. I felt a bit sheepish having brought my computer and looking forward to some online fun – wouldn’t that have been a great idea? When I searched for other comments on SIME during the day, I found the blogosphere was completely silent. It turned out not many in the audience were bloggers at all. I guess that only shows that SIME is more for CEOs and marketing people and not for the tech whiz kids anymore.


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  1. Anja says:

    Hej Lotta,

    cool pictures. Well I really like the two pics with Ulf Ekberg. ;o) I would like to know if we could use this two pics for our Ace of Base Website aceisland.
    Thanx in advance.


  2. L. says:

    Hey Anja, and thanks.

    Sure, you can use the photos if you put a “Photo: Lotta Holmström” next to them. A link back to this site would also be appreciated, but that’s up to you.


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