Mini-break coming up

A flu of some kind is creating quite a problem at work. A lot of people are home ill, and it’s hard to find replacements. I was supposed to work the morning shift Friday, replacing a replacement, but got ill myself.
It’s the sign that autumn is really here, I guess, though the weather has done its best to prove otherwise. As a compensation for the cold cold spring, we’ve had an autumn full of sunshine and warm weather. And they say that on the whole, the average temperature in Sweden has gone up one degree the past 40 years.
It’s a bit scary, I think, global warming. And the fact that not enough is done to stop it. Look at Katrina, Rita and the other hurricanes. Look at the increasing number of floods. When are the world leaders, or perhaps especially Mr Bush, going to realize that we need to act now?

This week I feel uninspired when it comes to writing. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot force it. I’ve tried doing free flow exercises, but if the heart’s not in it, nothing good comes out.
I’ve got both a Swedish and an English writing deadline this week, so what I’ve done today is to translate some of the Swedish poems from last deadline into English, to use in the upcoming one.

K and I are going to go on a mini-break in a couple of weeks time. Two nights at a hotel, with breakfast and one dinner included, for SEK 199 per person. Great deal, huh? It’s one of the offers DTF Club makes to their Aftonbladet Plus members. But here comes the twist: the hotel is located in Skärholmen. For those of you who don’t know Stockholm, that’s another suburb south of the city, close to the big Ikea and Heron city entertainment complex. So we’re going to be a 20 minute car ride from home.
Still I’m looking forward to it, to have some time without obligations and just spend it with K. All my course work this fall has meant we don’t spend that much time together just hanging out.


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