The Ungelt Jazz and Blues Club

The music is loud, too loud for me to want to pay the 200 CZK it costs to get into the room where the band is playing, almost too loud in here, in the bar, where you get in for free.
The wine costs 38 CZK a glass, about a dollar and a half. You could get seriously pissed here for no money at all, if that´s what you fancied.

getting into a beat
at the Ungelt under ground
the band warming up
as do I
this cold day turned evening
done is the fight of the day
language rain myself
I let go of the thought
if I won or lost
to language
or rain
I got a place in the limelight
returning to jazz
feeling less and less blue

It´s funny… I need noise in order to concentrate. I just embarked upon a short story. Albeit in English, it´s a big improvement.


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