Sick for Easter

Easter was a disappointment. First K caught a cold and then I got it. I spent most of yesterday sleeping.

Today we went to the cottage and I did some gardening inspite of a light fever. Else we’re never gonna get things ready in time.
K cut the apple trees and mom and I were nervous about him falling down from the tall ladder. That kind of stuff.

I’ve been working on Skriva’s wiki the past couple of days. The web is getting full of general purpose wikis, and honestly, who needs all of those? This one though, I’m hoping will be useful. It’ll zoom in on the world of writing and reading.
One important thing was for it to be in Swedish, since my Skriva site is completely in Swedish and the wiki will be part of it. So I installed OpenWiki and translated it. I’m not completely done yet, but it looks as if it’ll work.

I went on a 24 hour cruise to Finland with K last Monday. It was a lot of fun, though it was a Monday and the party mood was so and so. I got pretty drunk, but in a good way. And the best part was I didn’t even get a hangover. We went for the buffet and ate like pigs. Then on to the dance floor. :)
We shopped a great deal in the tax free section. The bags got heavy and our wallets pretty empty. But atleast part of it was beer for Torkel and cigarettes for mom.


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