Fridhem translates into peace + home

The days are intense, the evenings the same. I’m writing a lot, which is good, but it’s exhausting. I’ve never slept in better beds away from home, though, and the food is excellent, though admittedly there’s a bit too much of it.

Fridhem is like an oasis, a bubble in which to float for a week, a dream that I hope won’t fade away when I get home. It’s a rare gift, to do what you love the most in such a concentrated way. (though admittedly the phrase ‘I hate to write but I love to have written’ did ring true to me on some level)

In the evenings we watch movies. L’homme du train Tuesday and yesterday Armbrotterskan från Ensamheten. Both very good. I like movies which aren’t as action-packed as your average Hollywood movie.


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