Impressions of Crete

different shades of green
from yellow to blue
spread like an ocean’s rainbow
in the greenery of Almirida bay
where the trees bear flowers
of the brightest pink
and reggae music is mixed with Greek
for the tourist pleasure
in the pool: children splashing
playing swimming shouting off key
but in the distance, calmly
the ocean slowly rises to shore

the lovers entwined
old and frail
still bear fruit
in modern times
and the slopes of Crete
are sent to the world
– machines work from it
food fry in it; lamps glow
our bread is dipped
in the rich lovers’ oil

Cats on the wall
on the evening trail
little black missy
turns swiftly the curves
tails curl round legs
of chairs table people
it’s dinner-time
and they know it

a small piece of lamb-chop
souvlaki or potato
from each table
and they’re all set

it’s the night wall walk
dinnertime amusement
for faraway guests
it’s the daily routine
of the Almirida cats

Mediterranean blue
could be
the bluest blue in the world
Mediterranean sea
could have
the most soothing effect of all

four thousand years old
yet intact
brilliant in design
if only
my words
could last as long

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