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These past few weeks I haven’t had much to say, or time to say it. That’s why my blogging’s been suffering. This fall will be one of studies and work, so I might seem a bit boring, but bare with me. It’s an act of will to focus, something I must try to do, try to get through.

You’re not supposed to study almost full time while working full time, I know. But it’s for one semester, and I really wanted to take the Swedish writing course at Fridhem. It’s proved a good move so far, and I hope I can keep the working morale up.

Doing response work is harder than writing stuff. It’s hard to really get into a text and have opinions other than “interesting”, “good”, “boring” or “weak”. But we’ve been given good tools to use for doing it.

At the same time the deadline for the English course is nearing, and I haven’t even started that work.
I also realized I have an e-zine to finish this weekend.

It’s a good thing that these are all fun stuff, or would be, in normal doses. I hope I don’t run into problems with the e-zine. If all goes well, I’ll manage. If not, it will be a rough week ahead.

I’m sorry to go on about this, but this is about as interesting as my life is right now.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
jeff from usa writes:
I think anything you tell us is interesting, So keep posting when you have time, please.
M-o-m: 8 – 2005-9-13 22:0

Lotta from Stockholm writes:
Thank you, Jeff. That’’s nice of you. I’’ll try to be more frequent in my postings.
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-9-17 12:56


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