Sometimes I wonder about my shopoholic tendencies. What is it that makes the spending of money and the acquiring of new garments, gadgets, books and whatnot so rewarding? Judging from comments from others I’m not alone to feel this way. It’s a form of addiction, though in my case I feel I am aware of it and can keep it under control most of the time.
Today I had to brace myself not to buy a pair of pants and a cool suit jacket at the MQ sale. I don’t even wear jackets like that normally.
I don’t spend a lot of time in town these days, but today I had a couple of hours to myself after having been to the doctor’s for my sore shoulder (I got some medicine and then he told me I should see a physiotherapist). The after xmas-sales were on. Luckily the current fashion doesn’t quite go with my style, so the temptations were few (apart from the mentioned pants & jacket). That should make me feel good, since I really shouldn’t be spending money before going to Rome on Thursday, but no..
Finally I bought a neclace just to buy something.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
lilian from Cambridge Massachusetts USA writes:
Fun to find your site! Hope you will be adding to it frequently. Good luck with the sjukgymnast….
M-o-m: 6 – 2005-1-20 6:47


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