Cool handbags for sale

Items for sale at Tradera

I’m selling a couple of my corset handbags at Tradera, along with some cell phone blinking tinklets of Eeyore and Hello Kitty. So far the bids are very low, so if you’re interested, this is your chance. :)
Check out my auctions here. They end between Oct. 28 and 30.

That’s quite enough of shameless advertising. Today was deadline day for my Swedish writing course. The past couple of weeks writing has been a struggle, and I don’t feel I’m doing a very good job. Though I did finish my response work on time. That’s something.
Tomorrow comes the next deadline, which I won’t be able to keep – for the response work for the English course.

Instead K and I are going to spend some time enjoying ourselves. A mini-break in Skärholmen might not be the most exotic adventure, but who knows, we might be able to turn it into an adventure none the less.

I’ve got a new assignment at work. I’m both excited and not. Unfortunately it means giving up doing flash graphics. But it will also mean I can focus on ONE thing for the first time in years. That will be great.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
K from S writes:
If the auction is ending 28-30 Aug, why i you advertising for it here?
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-10-21 8:12

Lotta from S writes:
Thanks hun. Only because I was almost asleep when I wrote that. Changing it now.
M-o-m: 6 – 2005-10-21 9:40


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