New assignment: Readers’ editor

As of this week I have a new assignment at work, as Readers’ editor. It will involve bringing the readers into focus in different ways. I will also publish some of the opinion material from the print edition on the web. Also I’ll take over the responsibiltity for the Blog of the week feature.

It’s been a lot to take in these first few days, but I think this will be an interesting assignment. I am especially happy to have a close contact with the readers, something that I have a long experience of from ten years on the web, on this site and other more or less personal projects, and of course also from other projects at work. But this will be on a whole new level.

Finally some more details are available on the 3rd edition of Bloggforum, the seminar for bloggers in Sweden. I’ll be there.

This evening I was invited to dinner with the people behind the Debatt (opinion) section, at Agaton in Stockholm’s Old Town. Very nice.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
Joel from USA writes:
Good! (and keep that mood-o-meter going up)
M-o-m: 8 – 2005-11-1 16:23


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