Lessons learnt from P.

I mentioned to P. I wanted to add a blog category called “lessons learnt from P.”. Good, she thought, then added that that isn’t true anymore. She claims that I got wiser and that her life changed so that she doesn’t have time to give good advice anymore.

I dunno… she might be right to some extent. But I still feel that she can point things out to me that I don’t necessarily see myself. We’ll see – if I don’t find stuff to post I can always remove the category.

Before I used to save all our conversations. Not just hers and mine, but literally all conversations over ICQ and MSN, and of course email. Not any more. I have too many computers, and too little time. Yes, me too… But it’s still nice to check out those old files and see that we’ve evolved.
Miss her though… it will be so good to see her in May.


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  1. athenius says:

    I’ll look forward to both the English and the Swedish postings. I read Swedish haltingly, but your experiences are so lively, I’m sure I’ll both make progress in Swedish and enjoy.

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