I had a long and interesting discussion with P tonight, about bragging. She’s saying stating your qualities is bragging, disregarding the motive. I’m saying it’s only bragging if the person who’s stating his/her real or perceived qualities is doing it to look better/make other ppl apreciate him/her more. If you simply describe your good traits it isn’t. What do you think?

Talking of bragging… I’m great! ;-) There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of solving a problem. The trickier the problem, the greater the satisfaction. Last night I did the most complex asp I’ve done so far. A few pages, and I had to finish the coding before I could test it. A few minor mistakes, but when they were corrected, it worked. Me happy! :-)

This morning I spent a couple of hours on the beach, before it had become crowded. Quite nice. The water is so warm. I wish I hadn’t left my bathing suite behind in Sweden.
After having dropped Sverre off at the airport, me, Uffe and Ping went to Valletta. Ping shopped for cigars at Charles Grech, then we headed for the market once more. I bought 7 more cds.
Then we went to Cordina’s, the cafe from 1837 that’s situated at the square. I ordered a strawberry milkshake which turned out to simply be strawberry flavoured milk. Oh well. They did have some lovely bisquits. I bought some to bring along to the apt.
After an afternoon nap I worked some and then we watched 13th level or something like that. Pretty okay movie.


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