The flash mob no one noticed and the week long sufferings after a conference trip

It’s been a rough week. I caught a cold late last week, but tried to cure it during the weekend. Monday-Tuesday I had a conference trip with the people at work. It turned out I hadn’t been successful.

We were to stay at Engsholm castle. I’ve been there before once, with the OPK board, but I hadn’t spent the night. All in all it was a great stay, but as the day turned into night and the party began, I wish I had thought a little more about my being sick and all. Tuesday morning was a nightmare. Hungover, sore throat and a voice that was hardly audible. Somehow I made it through the rest of the day. I haven’t quite been myself since.
Here are some pics from the conference.

Wednesday I participated (well, kinda… I documented, anyway) in Sweden’s first flash mob. Flash mobs are big in the States, where the phenomenon is spreading. The idea is that a lot of people who don’t know eachother get instructions via email setting a date and a place. The instructions aren’t very specific – you need to go there to find out more. Once there, you get a note with more details. And then a crowd momentarily gathers somewhere, does some unexpectant thing, and disperses just as quickly. Like a few hundred people eating a banana in a hotel lobby.
The instructions for the Stockholm flash mob were to go to the central station, stand in line for one of the two ATMs, and look very happy, enjoying the wait, smile at everyone. If anyone asked about why no one was using the other ATM you’d have to come up with something, like this is your favourite one, or you really enjoy waiting in line. It would have turned out good if only more people had joined in. Only 20 or 25 people came, and that’s only about ten more than any other hectic rush hour line.
At exactly 17.26 everyones’ phones started ringing, and the whole line expressed their joy about waiting and being at that place at that time.
Both Aftonbladet and Expressen had photographers there taking pictures, and the flash mob was talked about on Radio Stockholm and Radio Rix. K. is on Aftonbladet’s photo. :-)
I also have some photos from the event, and the KGB evening that followed. There Jenny and Pontus turned up, which was a nice surprise.


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