Nice chat with Jane

Today I met Jane Morén after work for a nice chat and a beer. Jane was my first contact with the poetry slam world. In 2000 I interviewed her about her regular poetry event in Stockholm – Ordtrå – for the Poetry Wall. It was a magic evening at Jonathan’s Place, one of the few yet memorable ones that I had the opportunity to experience, before Jonathan’s closed down.

After that my own interest in performing poetry on stage grew, and I participated in open stages and poetry slams. The last few years I haven’t done much of performed poetry though (reading “Mitt Land” at Fridhem last summer the only exception).

It was great to meet Jane again and we had a good time talking about writing, the Swedish poetry scene and how it differs from that of say France or the US, work, how our backgrounds shape us, 0ur experiences with different kinds of writing and how cultural events these days are geared so much towards young people, instead of trying to create a mix where young and old can meet and share their experiences and thoughts. I hope Jane starts a new poetry event soon – that would be so great.


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