Ryanair to charge for checked-in luggage

I just read in DN that Ryanair is to charge a fee for passengers who have luggage to check in. Each item will cost 3.5 euros if you check it in via the website. If you do a normal checkin at the airport the fee will be 5 euros, writes Ryanair. In return, the company is promising lower priced tickets.
They also raise the weight limit from a total of 25 kilos to 30 kilos (10 kg hand luggage, 20 kg checked in luggage).

For me, there is a limit when I don’t really care if the prices go down, as long as I get a reasonable service. That includes being able to check in my bags without handling money. I don’t mind doing some pre-checking stuff online – that’s fine. But I want it to be included in the price of my ticket.
I’m glad they allow more weight though. That means more shopping. :)

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  1. Roland H says:

    Ryanair — a criminal firm to avoid!
    The Standsted express was delayed 90 minutes the other day. We had 20+ passengers (all with hand luggage only) arrive 40 minutes prior to flight departure (all from the same delayed train.) We were all refused entry and told to buy new tickets. Ironically, Ryanair was prepared for us as they knew that the Stansted express was running very delayed. It is easy to make any gate at the airport within 20 minutes, and none of us had luggage to check. Clearly the firm knows it can intentionally defraud customers and not lose business. I can only encourage passengers to avoid the low fairs (and recent dangers exposed by channel 4’s undercover investigation) and choose other airlines.

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