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  1. Dear Lotta….hello..my neice Krista, a publicist in S. Francisco, sent me your blog..well done and interesting. You look very much like Krista…who recently got married. My g’father was born on Oland. I’m a film maker and writer in Los Angeles. Got some foundation $ a few years ago to do a film on him and visited and filmed on Oland..lovely place, friendly folks..and am working on my film about him plus a 2nd book on prayer. In ’95 traveled across US and interviewed people about their prayer experiences…not about religion but individuals. Great expereince and wonderful people. Was in Prague years ago..love to travel and been to most of US and some 50 countries.

    So many Americans are happy that the political mood has changed in the US. Bush is the wrong man for American and NOT a world leader..at least in my opinion. Hope your writing pojects are going well! Best,

    John Holmstrom holmstromfilmvid@att.net

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