Beautiful South

Listening to Painting it Red, The Beautiful South’s new album. Puts me in a good mood…. it’s one of their better ones, I think.
I love the lyrics. And their voices are great, too.

P and I have finally decided where to go over Xmas (maybe…). :-) Probably it will be Malta and Italy (if I can find the money). Should be nice! Can’t wait to see her again. And good to go someplace a little warmer than Stockholm… :-)

The other day I went to Yesitworks’ release party for a new computer magazine, aptly named Dator Magazin, with Mattias. Free food and beer. Well, coupons for beer, anyway. But the guy who greeted us at the door said he had more coupons if we’d run out of them. So when he came to our table later to say he was happy that we were still there and having fun, I asked him if we could have more beer.
If you finish that one in one sweep, he said, pointing at my half-full beer, I will treat the whole table for free beers.
Well, what to do? I finished it. :-) Then he brought us two more beers each. Not a good idea when you have to work next day, but we had a good time.


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