SIME 2006 – Tariq Krim: It all started in a WiFi cafe…

Tariq Krim gave an inspired speech about starting up Netvibes, a service that now has 15 million users, and 8 million use it as their start page. It all started from his own need to have a startpage where he can reach all the blogs and services that he uses and get instant updates.
”We don’t have garages in France, so I started my company in a WiFi cafe”, he said.
The software Krim wrote for his needs leaked out on the internet, and he instantly had 15 000 users. Now that’s a web 2.0 success story. Though he has not yet captialized on his success – his business model is dependent on first getting a huge user base.

SIME 2006: Marc Samwer, founder of Alando and Jamba, investorThis is quite the opposite to Marc Samwer’s way of starting companies. Marc is one of the famous Samwer brothers who founded Alando which eBay bought after 3 months, founded Jamba and are investing in different new startups.
He said you have to have a clear idea of how to make money right from the start.
”If you want to start a company, think strongly about if someone is going to want to pay for it. Ask around – your family and friends and so on…”


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