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I’ve just got back from the first day of “Morgondagens webbplatser”, a two-day seminar on where the web is currently heading and what trends are hot. I’m part of tomorrow’s panel discussion on how to communicate on tomorrow’s websites, along with Urban Lindstedt and Anders Nyman, and thought I’d take the opportunity to sit in on the full two days.

Much of what was discussed today was directed to web editors and developers on company web sites, and quite a bit of it I was already familiar with. Still it was a good reminder of why we are doing some of the things we are doing at, and also of some stuff that we need to have a closer look at.
I enjoyed today’s keynote the most, Neville Hobson talking about future trends and technology.
A Briton living in the Netherlands, he gave a European perspective to some of the current trends, such as ajax, folksonomies, web 2.0, wikis etc, and also an international outlook – like the fact almost a third of all blogs indexed by Technorati are in Japanese. His main focus is marketing, and the use of user-driven communication and the value of trust in that field.
He is also a podcaster – check out For Immediate Release, the Hobson and Holtz report, a show created via Skype together with Californian Shel Holz.
Neville also has a photo from today on his moblog (yep, that’s the back of my head with the blue hairclip : ) ).


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  1. Great to know you found my presentation useful, Lotta. I’m especially pleased your found my podcast!

    It’s been a very good event so far, lots of interesting people with inteersting perspectives.

    Glad you liked the photo :)

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