Niklas Zennström: I don't think newspapers are dead

Robert Andrews at reports from Le Web 3 in Paris, where Skype founder Niklas Zennström spoke yesterday.

Swedish entrepreneur Mr Zennström is revered for producing disruptive effects in traditional media industries after having revolutionised both the music world with his KaZaa file-sharing network and having turned the telecom sector on its head with Skype.

But he told the Le Web 3 conference here in Paris that journalism was here to stay.

“Blogs are fantastic – you have so much diversity,” he told delegates. “But there’s always going to be a need for in-depth journalism.

Zennström’s new project is a p2p tv network called The Venice Project, currently in beta testing.

The Venice Project™ is a new venture that combines the best elements of the TV experience with the most powerful internet technologies, in a way that will redefine the way people think about television. It is not a file-sharing application or a video download service.


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