Business Week on vlogging and citizen journalism has a long piece on “vlogging, citizen journalism, and other facets of the online video phenomenon”. Long live the net video revolution, the article writer Catherine Holahan exclaims.
The article brings up vlogging in Iraq, video watching statistics in the US, political vlogging, personal commentary (with Rocketboom as example), ads and sponsorships.

2006 was notable not just for the sheer amount of online video but also for the quality of content that emerged. Sure, there was the torrent of porn, drunk college kids dancing, and parents posting cute videos of their kids. But there was also footage of the Mount Lebanon Hotel bombing, blogs highlighting environmental issues, video commentary on news and politics, and new made-for-online broadcast shows. More than ever, Internet video provided a platform for new voices and perspectives, giving even amateur filmmakers entrée to mass audiences traditionally garnered by established media outlets.


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