"Hot or not" goes tv in Sweden

TV400, a niche channel for Swedish TV4, will launch a new tv show where high school kids can vote on people’s looks download migros listening figures. Much like hot or not, but in a tv version. The show, named “Snyggast i klassen” (“Looker of the class”, kinda), let couples appear on the show in front of an audience download royalty-free images. Either the guy or the girl then gets to rate her/his partner against someone from the audience. Then the audience gets to decide if he/she’s right Download font word. And they can win some money.
The participants will be between 18 and 20 years old, writes Dagens Media filme kostenlos downloaden iphone.
TV400 program manager says to Dagens Media that the inspiration comes from websites where users can do similar ratings. The most famous/infamous site of this kind in Sweden is snyggast.se herunterladen.


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