Tyda.se – a Swedish/English lexicon as a wiki

Tyda.se is a collaborative lexicon offering translations from Swedish to English and the other way around. The site is a citizen media effort, urging its visitors to contribute to the lexicon and to report any errors. It soon has a million words registered, the info page says.

We live in a time when the English language affects most of our surroundings. News, web sites, computer games, email, course literature, company documents and so on are just a few examples of areas in which both English and Swedish are used, and often mixed freely. In such an environment the need arises for a tool to bridge to any language problems.
We think that Tyda.se can make a great difference in this field!
Tyda.se wants to become the obvious choice when you need help translating between English and Swedish.

My translation. I didn’t use Tyda for it, so pardon any mistakes.

Tyda is also developing a reward system, so that users get points for the stuff they contribute. These points can lead towards different kinds of rewards. There will be audio files helping with the pronunciation of words, and examples of their usage.
The new version of the site will be launched later this month.

(via Frihetens vingar)


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  1. Bengt says:

    Thanks for the link. I always like when people are good to link to their sources and i try to do that myself when i remember where i found it.

    I work on MKFC Stockholms folkhögskola and we are planning on using Wiki as a way for our students to collaborate and build a plattform about equality and justice. See our blog when we release it.

    I think that Wiki will be 2007 what blogs was 2006. It is an interesting development with more and more collaboration and open content.

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