Zoom lenses for cellphones to fuel the citizen paparazzi trend?

Mobile Brando's zoom lens and example photos. Photos: Mobile BrandoHong Kong-based Mobile Brando has developed a tele lens for Sony Ericsson cellphones, writes Norwegian tech site forbruker.no. It also works with Nokia cellphones by changing the back piece to one with a lens mount. The lens is equipped with a 6x zoom, handles wide angle footage, and will cost around 19 dollars.

The main use is that you can take better pictures, getting closer to that building, flower or sight. But this development also opens up for new possibilities for “citizen paparazzi”, ordinary people taking pictures of for instance celebrities without them noticing it.

This is of course already occuring, but not everyone walks around with a digital camera with zoom. Almost everyone has a cellphone though, and with these cheap zoom lenses, chances are that more people will be able to take close shots of celebs, or others who do not wish to appear in the media/online.

(via e24)


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