eSnips builds communities around shared files

At Mashable, I read about eSnips, a “YouTube for everything” that lets you share various kinds of files (video, audio, text, photos..). The site has been around for eight months and reportedly has over a million users. What’s new is that it’s added community sites, or “MicroPortals” for a number of subjects, some of them fairly narrow: Karaoke, DJs, Spiritual, Poetry, Paranormal…
When uploading files to eSnips, you tag your material, and if you tag it with a MicroPortal tag it ends up on that page. Users who have used the MicroPortal’s tag are also displayed.
According to StartupSquad, new MicroPortals can be started for any tag that a number of people have used – right now by request, but users will be able to do this themselves.

eSnips will provide controls to the Microportal owners to monitor and control the content going in. Users will also be able to customize and edit the appearance and background of their portal.

eSnips has a number of widgets for use in blogs, and of course you get a personal eSnips page to display what you’ve uploaded.
The site also has a marketplace where you can sell art, crafts, fashion, music and gifts.


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