Läsarbladet's Scandinavian cousins – a comparison

Verdens Gang in Norway and EkstraBladet in Denmark also have one-point entries into their participatory journalism. Lesernes VG and Laeserbladet are the equivalents of Aftonbladet‘s Läsarbladet (where I’m editor). The idea seems to be the same for all three sites – to gather all, or the best of, the material that the participants (the entities that used to be called readers) have contributed with in one place, for easy access. The three companies use the same platform for their blogs.
The “cousins” of Läsarbladet seems even more focused on blogs, though, while I’ve been focusing more on our forums. There are a number of things at Läsarbladet that I’m not finding at the other sites. At Läsarbladet I’ve opened up for submissions of articles as well. But as I’m finding more and more “quality” blog posts, I think I should promote individual posts more. A good lesson learnt.

To put numbers to my initial impressions, I made a quantitative comparison between the three pages Thursday. I realise these numbers vary from one day to the other, but atleast it gives some idea of the different editors’ and sites’ focus.

Lesernes VG Laeserbladet Läsarbladet
Ask the experts 1 8
Direct blog post link 14 13
Direct blog link 8 3 1
Link to “official” blogs in the own system 1 1
Link to keywords in the blog search 7
Link to forum categories 3
Link to a specific forum discussion 12 28
Asking readers to comment on a blog post or asking a question as the link to one 3 1
Link to Elevavisen 1
Listings poll 5 4
Other polls 12
Link to “start your own blog” 2 1 2
Blog tag clood 1
FAQ 1 1
Auto-links to blog posts 10 12 7
Auto-links to blogs 10 20+12
Auto-links to forum discussions 5
Journalists writing about participants or their blogs/forum posts 1 17
Participatory articles/columns 9
Journalists writing stories asking people on the town thing/taking their photos 4
Ask the editor 1
Wanted! – cases wanted for an article 1
Photos from our readers – special 3
Write an article! 3
Send us an email with your story or ideas 1
Send us your photos 2
Send us your video clips 1
Links to traditional journalistic material 1
About our services 3
Test yourself 4
Opinion articles by “ordinary people” 3
Send us tips 1
Petitions 1


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  1. January 27, 2007

    Läsarmedverkan ökar men med olika strategier

    Aftonbladet/Läsarbladet öppnar upp fler vägar in till tidningen än de nordiska kollegorna. Samtidigt är de en tydligare gatekeeper.

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