Video clip on citizen journalism

iCommunity.TV points to a video clip which is the result of a 3-month documentary production course at Cambridge Community Television. The video is about citizen journalism and its implications. Though a bit long (15 minutes) and overloaded with voices saying “citizen journalism” over and over, it does feature some of the field’s top names and their reflections. So it’s well worth watching. There’s also a part focusing on vlogging which is interesting.
Interviewed in the video are among others Lisa Williams, Ethan Zuckerman, Chris Daly, John R. Stilgoe, Steve Garfield, Janaka Stucky, Susan Fleischmann, Remus Brice and Bill Densmore.


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  1. February 9, 2007

    […] När vem som helst blir reporter handlar det om citizen journalism. Se även Citizen Media Watch. […]

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