Bubblare.se bought by Eniro

Swedish youtube clone Bubblare.se was bought by Eniro (well, 48.1% percent of the shares in Netclips AB which in turn owns the video community, and the option to acquire the remaining 51.9% of the shares) yesterday. The price: 1 million euro.
Eniro is one of the leading search companies in Sweden, with 4800 employees and branches in Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland.
The big companies are now well aware of the value in social media sites. Here’s a statement from Cecilia Geijer, Vice President of Eniro and soon to be Chairman of the Board of Directors of Netclips:

We see exciting opportunities in video communities, video searches and video advertising. With this acquisition, we can increase the dynamic content of our services, primarily on our portals, but also in search services, such as eniro.se. Bubblare.se is a popular site in Sweden and will generate additional traffic to Eniro´s other services.

(via Media Culpa)

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