Annika Lidne: The walled garden approach won't work for Facebook

Facebook Garage Stockholm

Annika Lidne compares Facebook to AOL, the walled garden approach.
– The walled garden didn’t work for them, and it won’t work for Facebook either. It’s a mindset that says “we’re not really interested in our users”.
She also critisizes the lack of data portability, that you cannot extract your information from Facebook.
– I am not going to log into a bloody site three times a day to view something. It’s not built for being more than a FunWall.
There was a good discussion in the backchannel. Many people brought up the Events as one of the good points of Facebook. On top of that, I think status updates and the fact that your non-early adopter friends are there is what keeps me returning.


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  1. November 28, 2008

    […] status updates on social media sites should count as microblogging or not, the walled garden that Facebook still is to a large extent, makes status updates if not useless from a publishing perspective then atleast […]

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