Using twitter on the road, and Bloggvärldsbloggen

I’ve been off on vacation in Italy and the UK (hence no activity on this blog), and twitter has proved to be a good tool for keeping myself updated on what my friends and acquaintances are up to, as well as a way of updating them on what I’m doing. It was fun to get mymarkup’s instant impressions from South Africa while posting mine from Cinque Terre, and at the same time get reports from hlantz’s shopping excursions in Amsterdam and belo’s lunch plans. Using twitter at home is fun, but while travelling it comes to more use.

Just my five cents on that. And to let you know that I’m back. Tomorrow I’ll start blogging on Bloggvärldsbloggen in Swedish. I’ll try to keep these two blogs separated, but an excuse for possible double-posting might be in place even before I start out. There is only so much time, and I want to keep them both active, along with my personal blog and Skriva.


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