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Back in Sweden

I’ve been offline for a week or so. Not a bad experience. Sometimes you just need to log out for a while. I spent my logged off time in Italy and the UK, first travelling with the Hancocks in Cinque Terre (more on that in upcoming posts) and then doing a two night stopover in London on my way home.

Right now I’m battling my computer who’s reacted to my absense by being extra sulky, giving me bluescreens and sudden reboots while I’m trying to edit my vacation photos. The bastard.
No, I really like it… but it’s too moody. Though K says he has some idea of what the problem might be.

Once I’m through that struggle I’ll post some travel stories and photos. It’s good to have an extra day off because of easter. Tomorrow it’s back to work, and also my first day as blogger on Bloggvärldsbloggen. Looking forward to that.


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