Italian adventures: Stockholm -> Milan -> Corniglia

Milan central stationHere’s a first post on my Italy trip. Day 1 was a day of travel. I headed out from Arlanda in the morning after having had a pretty good breakfast at the airport café – they’ve improved immensely. At Linate, I was lucky to find the bus to Stazione Centrale just as it was about to depart, and I reached the station I found a ticket booth right away for my tickets to La Spezia.

That far all went well.

Then it was time to find an ATM to get some money to pay for our apartment in Corniglia. Finding an ATM wasn’t hard at all. Finding an ATM that would give me money was somewhat trickier. I managed on my fourth try, after reluctantly (and against better knowing) having used one that had a weird green extension to the card slot which did not give me money either (should I be worried?).

I waited for P to call at 13.00, but she never called and I couldn’t get hold of her either. Oh well. Only two trains were arriving at 13.30 so I took a chance and waited at one of them.. and there they were. :)
We bought some sandwiches before it was time to rush to our train. Luckily we got an entire compartment to ourselves. Very nice.

The train ride was pleasant, but took forever. When we finally reached La Spezia it was more than a half hour til our local train would depart. McDonald’s milkshake and diaper change were on our schedule though.
Our kitchen in Corniglia
At Corniglia we took a small bus up the hill, and called the lady whose apartment we were to rent. She came to meet us, and it turned out the apartment was just around the corner. A very nice place, with two pretty bedrooms, a sunny yellow kitchen and a bathroom. If you ever want to go to Corniglia I recommend La Terrazza.

At Cecio's restaurant in CornigliaAfter relaxing just a little while, we headed out for dinner at Cecio’s, a restaurant recommended to us by our host Mary-Angela. It was nice but a bit expensive. The owner’s daughter had an immediate crush on M. : )


More photos from the first day of the trip.


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