Henrik Torstensson on five factors that will shape the future

Henrik TorstenssonHenrik Torstensson is talking at Daytona Sessions about where the internet five years from now.
– Predicting the future is practically impossible, he says. But I’ll build upon experiences.

He has five key points.
Access. When everyone’s got broadband the possibilities of community building expand. Ahead, a similar development will happen in mobile devices. Flatrate will make this easier. Mobile services are improving, and will be built particularly for smaller devices.
Distribution. Partnerships. How will we be visible on other sites than our own? Our strategy must be more exact than just “viral marketing”. Viral marketing is only a proof that you’ve built a strong product.
Cheaper technology. Cutting costs, making new things possible.
Advertising. Search ads are good for advertisers, the ones selling the ads, and for the users. Relevant ads are accepted. More specific ads will appear in areas outside search. Facebook social ads is one example.
This is the one point he thinks can be threatened by integrity laws.
Social publishing. The will to publish yourself, regardless of economic compensation. To communicate.


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