Joakim Jardenberg on dying papers and the future of journalism

Joakim Jardenberg
Joakim Jardenberg
Joakim Jardenberg of Mindpark says that papers are dying. All trends show that.
The last paper will be publised in April 2040 according to Philip Meyer.
In Helsingborg newspaper reading has gone from 90 to 60 percent in only a few years.

We compensate by creating new channels, such as the website and free papers.
– We have expanded our reach at HD. The way we connect to people is not important. The important thing is that we keep on delivering eyeballs to our advertisers.

We still idealize paper publishing. Joakim turned to me to give the example of Aftonbladet’s blog service, where the key point is that you can be published in the paper (well, one of the benefits, I’d say having your blog post appear at’s main page is just as appealing). Another example is that Beata Wickbom is very happy about the Sime supplement in SvD (the above image).

The day we can utilize our journalists and have them collaborate with their audience we can use their competence much better, Jardenberg says.
– The old and new worlds are at war. Get over it!

Check out Jocke’s slides from Daytona Sessions here.


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