Stefan Waldeck on Yahoo's mobile services

Stefan Waldeck

Stefan Waldeck, Yahoo, talks about mobile marketing and search marketing at Daytona Sessions.

Self expression, social networks, and new technologies are the new trends. In the cellphone all of this comes together, he says.
– The cellphone is with you 100% of your waking hours. Plus it has a higher penetration than computers.
When you move from 2G to 3G you start using photo and video a lot more.

Yahoo!Go is a small java applet which lets the user access email, flickr, search and more. It will be in 200 cellphone models at the end of the year.
– It is very easy to use on a small screen.
There’s also an RSS reader integrated.
– We haven’t tried to copy what we do on the internet, but do a special solution for the cellphone.

Mobile seach is based on need and boredom, which translates into people wanting usefull information and games.
Search ads on mobile phones are more sensitive to appearing in the top part of the screen, since people don’t scroll much.
But click through rates are much higher than on the web.


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  1. November 1, 2007

    […] Lotta Holmström at Citizen Watch also wrote about the Yahoo! presentation: Yahoo! Go is a small java applet which lets the user access email, […]

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