How many Swedish blogs are there?

I’m trying to get a grasp of the Swedish blogosphere, to answer the simple question of how many Swedish blogs there are. Simple, that is, until you start digging into it. Then you realize immediately that you have to limit yourself to Swedish blogs on Swedish blog services, as there are no country-specific statistics on for example or (none that I’ve found, please alert me if you know of any), and there are countless other services out there.
And also that you will never get an exact number.

I found Anton Johansson’s excellent list of blog portals and services from January this year, and I’ve used it as a starting point, updating the numbers for the different services, withdrawing some that doesn’t exist anymore and adding some new ones.

This is a first draft, and I hope to get comments, contributions and corrections making it better. The numbers are rounded to the closest hundred blogs and are taken from official statistics at the different sites. Note that some of these numbers indicate the total number of blogs whereas others ( and show the number of blogs active during the past 30 days. 111 200 blogs active in the past 30 days
Passagen: 25 900 blogs
Bloggorama: A total of 19 100 blogs on seven domains, of which is the largest with 14 400 blogs
Aftonbladet Blogg: 15 400 blogs
Bloggagratis: 10 600 blogs
Blogdog: 8 600 blogs 8 400 blogs active in the past 30 days
Expressen: 7 200 blogs
Bloggis: 6 800 blogs
Tjejsajten: 4 900 blogs
Blogtown: 3 900 blogs (members – which seems to be the same thing at this site)
Veckorevyn: 900 blogs

The total number of blogs from these services amounts to 223 000 blogs. Now, that’s quite a lot of blogs. However, there are a lot of issues that makes this number less interesting.

  • It is not a measurement of the number of active blogs
  • There are Swedish blog services not included. I found no statistics on, or I disregarded which only had 15 blogs.
  • I have probably missed some services alltogether. Please let me know.
  • There’s no way of knowing which percentage of the total number of Swedish blogs this number represents. One vague indication of the number of Swedish blogs on blogspot and wordpress is the number of blogs from these services that are registered on Bloggportalen. There are 4 627 blogspot blogs there, or 26 percent of the total number of blogs on Bloggportalen. There are 605 blogs.
    I can’t even make a qualified guess of the number of blogs on their own domain.


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  1. November 6, 2007

    […] många bloggar finns det i Sverige egentligen? Citizen Media Watch har gjort en beräkning: 111 200 blogs active in the past 30 days Passagen: 25 900 blogs Bloggorama: A total of […]

  2. November 10, 2007

    […] en oväntad lista av gamla monoliter inom bloggosfären. Mer intressant är då Lottas postning om hur många bloggar det egentligen finns i Sverige. Bookmark to: Kanske relaterat: Bloggtimat 1, Roande rubbar, Bloggläsning. […]

  3. September 15, 2009

    […] Enligt Citizen Media Watch fanns det över 200 000 svenska bloggar redan i november 2007; nu är nog den siffran betydligt […]

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